Netgear Genie Setup

So, you need Netgear Genie Setup that provides you interface for on-screen setups and steps as a Netgear installation assistant. You need to visit the IP address so that you can get your extender up and running. You need to configure the settings of the extender after setting it up.

You need to connect your router to the Netgear_ext network to access the Netgear genie smart setup wizard. Now, enter the IP address in the URL bar of any of your browser and then click enter. After logging in, you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Click on the tab mentioned as ‘NEXT’
  • It will identify the type of internet connection
  • Now you can alter settings as per your need
  • Save all the changes

Netgear Genie Smart Setup

  • Connect your extender to your router or any wifi extender.
  • Open your web browser and log into
  • Netgear Genie Smart Setup will get pop out on screen.
  • Now you need to configure the technical settings as per your requirement, of your WiFi extender.

Netgear Genie App Feature

  • Debug of all the problems and issues within the network.
  • Parental control features
  • Network settings can be monitored and controlled seamlessly without any effort
  • You can use your smartphones or tablets to control the network settings of your WiFi extender.
  • WiFi analytics feature to monitor it
  • Enjoy your favorite video streaming and music streaming over the network through your smartphones.
  • Securing the connection with QR code through any of your smart gadgets such as smartphones or tablets.
  • One single device can monitor all the guests connected to the home network

Netgear Genie App

The Netgear Genie, a desktop supported app that supports both the operating systems, Windows or MAC. The new extender setup process is very easy through this app. This app can be configured and manage routers from the interactive dashboard and you can directly control and repair the home networks. It is recommended to keep your router updated with the latest version of the firmware, otherwise, all genie functions will not support the older version.

You can configure your WiFi extender graphically and manage it with a simple application on the desktop called Netgear Genie. You need not worry whether you have MAC or windows, it works fine with both the platforms.

The Genie desktop application is super easy that anyone can use it to control and manage the network such as changing SSID or terminating the unauthenticated users and even diagnose it if there is any problem with the router.

Models Supported by Netgear Genie

It is recommended that the Netgear Genie should be updated with the latest version of the firmware. The following models are supported by the Netgear Genie:

WiFi Routers

  • AC1450
  • WNR612v2
  • JNR1010
  • JNR3210
  • JR6150
  • WNR1000v2
  • WNR1500
  • JWNR2010
  • R6050
  • R6100
  • R6200
  • R6250
  • WNR2020
  • WNR2020v2
  • R6300
  • R6700v1
  • R7500
  • WNDR3400v2
  • WNDR3700v3
  • WNR2000v3
  • WNR2200
  • WNDR3800
  • WNDR4000
  • WNDR4300
  • WNDR4500
  • WNR2500
  • WNR3500Lv2

DSL Modem GateWays

  • DGN2200B
  • DGND3700B
  • D3600
  • D6000
  • D6100
  • D6200
  • D6000
  • D6200B
  • D6300
  • D6300B
  • D6400
  • D7000
  • D7800
  • DGN1000
  • DGN2200v3
  • DGN2200v4
  • DGND3700v2
  • DGND3800B
  • DGND4000

Cable Gateway

  • C7000
  • C6300
  • C6250
  • C3700
  • C3000
  • N450

Download Netgear Genie

You can access Netgear genie smart setup on any of your favorite browsers at a smartphone or laptop running on any of the platforms such as MAC or Windows. You can get the help of our experienced team to download Netgear Genie app.