Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System | MK63

Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System | MK63


On this page, you will find the complete guidelines for Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System setup and its manual.

Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System banishes dead zones and makes buffering a thing of the past. Get faster, more reliable WiFi coverage with easily placed satellites and experience the future of WiFi.

Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System Features
  • Whole Home WiFi – Experience smooth 4K UHD streaming and reliable WiFi in every room. System includes one router and two satellites.
  • Latest WiFi 6 Technology —Improved dual-band technology designed for faster, more reliable connections that can handle 25 or more devices for smoother streaming and connection capacity.
  • Super-fast WiFi — Combined speeds up to 1.8Gbps to keep up with your family’s streaming, gaming, and smart home needs.
  • Works with Existing WiFi Devices — Backwards compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac client devices (WiFi 5 and below).

Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 MK63 Manual

MK63 Setup via Manual

In the package of MK63, you will get Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 manual. This manual contains the complete installation, Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 MK63 setup steps, and guidelines for how to use various features of your router. It is crucial to walk through this manual prior to executing the Netgear Nighthawk MK63 setup.

However, these installation and setup instructions might seem difficult to novice users. The best way to get your Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 router setup and running in few minutes is to get expert’s assistance. They will guide you with each and every step in detail so that you can complete your Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 mK62 setup without making much effort.

Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 system AX1800 Setup | MK63

Using Nighthawk Application

With the Nighthawk app, you can easily install and manage your mesh system. The app automatically syncs any satellites that are nearby, updates you mesh system to the latest Connect to the Network and 19 User Manual Access the Router Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System firmware, allows you to personalize your WiFi network, and even helps register your mesh system with NETGEAR.

The Nighthawk app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices

The below-mentioned steps will be your guide for Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 MK63 setup using the Nighthawk application:

  1. Now take your mobile device (Android or iOS), open the on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Search and download the Netgear Nighthawk application.
  3. On your mobile device, tap Settings > Wi-Fi and find and connect to your router’s WiFi network.
  4. Launch the Nighthawk app on your mobile device.
  5. Execute the on-screen instructions on the app to setup your mesh system and connect to the Internet.

In case you’re unable to set up your router using Nighthawk app, get technical assistance from our experts.

Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 AX1800 Setup | MK63

Common Setup Issues

  • Can’t connect page
  • Unable to open Netgear router login page
  • No connection at
  • Cannot Find or Connect to
  • Can’t access the Netgear router login page using
  • WiFi error like Netgear router not connecting to Internet
  • Can’t access or address
  • Netgear Default username and password not working
  • Netgear 404
  • Can’t login Netgear Nighthawk Mesh Account
  • Netgear Router Orange Light
  • Netgear Router Error 651
  • Nighthawk Mesh IP admin password issues.
  • Nighthawk Mesh browser installation issues
  • Netgear Router Slow WiFi
  • Lost credentials issues with Nighthawk Mesh admin
  • Errors with default login credentials for Netgear Nighthawk Mesh login
  • Firmware and Software issues

Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 AX1800 Setup

AX1800 MK63 Setup Steps

For users’ convenience, we have sub-divided the complete Netgear Nighthawk AX1800 setup in two modules – Setup Step 1 and Setup Step 2 respectively.

Setup Step 1- Netgear Router Configuration

Prior to the Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 setup, you need to physically connect your router using these means:

  • Remove any cables connecting to the computer. Plug in the modem power adapter and check the power light to ensure the modem is on.
  • Connect the Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 AX1800 router. Plug one end of an Ethernet cable to the modem and the other end into the internet port on the router. The internet port is slightly set apart from the rest of the ports.
  • Connect the router to the computer. Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into the computer Ethernet port and the other end into any one of the ports on the router.
  • Plug in the router power adapter and check the power light to ensure that the Mesh WiFi 6 AX1800 router is on.
Setup Step 2: Netgear Router Login
  • Connect a computer to the NETGEAR router and launch a web browser.
  • Visit If does not work, try the following:
  • You are prompted to enter a username and password. Enter the default login credentials.
    Note: username and password are both case-sensitive.
  • Click or tap Log In.
  • The BASIC Home screen displays.

Note: If the default login credentials do not work, you might have changed the admin password. If you cannot remember your new password, you must perform a factory reset to restore the router to its factory default settings.

Once you are on the Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 AX1800 | MK63 setup portal, execute on-screen instructions to setup your Mesh WiFi 6 router in few minutes.

Reset Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 AX1800 System | MK63

To reset the router to factory default settings:

  1. On the back of the router, locate the Reset button.
  2. Using a straightened paper clip, press and hold the Reset button for at least five seconds.
  3. Release the Reset button.
  4. When the reset is complete, the routerrestarts. This process takes about two minutes.

Note: To avoid the risk of corrupting the firmware, do not interrupt the reset

Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 (MK63) Firmware Update

Updating the Netgear Nighthawk AX1800 MK63 Firmware helps to resolve various issues with your router and also provide new functionalities. Here’s how you can update Netgear Nighthawk AX1800 MK63 firmware:

  • Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your mesh network.
  • Enter
  • Enter the router admin user name and password.
  • Select ADVANCED > Administration > Router Update > Manual Update.
  • In the satellite section, and select your satellite.
  • The satellite’s Router Update page opens.
  • Click the Browse button.
  • Locate and select the satellite firmware file that you downloaded
  • Click the Upload button.
  • The firmware on your satellite is updated.
  • After satellite finishes updating, on the satellite web interface, select Status and double-check the firmware version on the Status page.